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Fox News Video – Freeman’s Construction Inc. Helping Fire Victims to Rebuild Their Homes

 We understand that this is a difficult time for you and want to help. We want nothing more than to help your family get your lives back together. Bill Freeman, President of Freeman’s Construction, Inc., has been a Ramona resident, which is located in Inland North San Diego County, for over 30 years and has gone through both the 2003 Cedar Fire and the 2007 Witch Creek Fire.


During the Cedar Fire in October of 2003, our town lost 190 homes and over 500 homes in the Witch Creek Fire of October 2007. We have helped, and continue to help dozens of families with the rebuilding process. The damage assessment and cost analysis process with your insurance companies can be a difficult task and is your first and most important step in rebuilding your home. It is very important that you receive proper guidance at this time. With our knowledge and experience, we have been able to guide our clients through the process and help them rebuild their homes.

We are licensed by the Contractors State License Board and carry both liability and worker’s compensation insurance and are also members of the San Diego Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

No single contractor is in a position to rebuild all of the homes that were lost. I am, however, one of the best “answer men” because of previous fire experience and would be happy to help whether I build for you or not. We are truly sorry for your loss and all that you are going through.

A Glimmer of HOPE – Contractor Rebuilding Our Communities After Devastating Wildfires

Fox News: You’re watching Fox 6 News, your station for balanced news.

Fox News: A woman lost her home in the wildfires. Now neighbors are reaching out to keep her holiday landmark shining bright.

Lynda Martin: There’s a symbol of the holiday season, a star burning bright over Ramona. For one woman, hanging the star has been her annual tradition. Fox 6’s Heather Myers shows us that, this year, there is an extra special reason why the star is up for everyone to see.

Heather Myers: Susan Homesley has lived here in Ramona for 14 years, and almost every holiday season, she burns this star on her property. This year, Susan lost her home in the Ramona Fire, but she had one goal in mind to bring this star back, brighter and more beautiful than ever.

Heather Myers: Dr. Susan Homesley’s hilltop view in Ramona shows a spectacular sunset over burned hill sides. This is a town that survived the Witch Fire, and now it has a symbol that things are starting to return to normal.

Susan Homesley: I want my home to be a beacon of hope for the people in Ramona, a symbol, a star to the east. The Christmas season is upon us.

Heather Myers: Susan lost her house in the fire, but she did not lose her tradition. She has been hanging a star on her property every holiday season for nearly 14 years, but the star was destroyed in the fire.

Bill Freeman: Susan’s dad and brother are the ones that made the star after the other one completely burnt up behind their garage.

Heather Myers: Susan’s contractor, Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction, and his crew volunteered to hang the new 30-foot-tall star. It’s bigger, and more light bulbs help it burn brighter. Every night, the lights come on for all of Ramona to see.

Bill Freeman: The star is an inspiration for the community.

Susan Homesley: The people in Ramona are wonderful. Ramona’s wealth is in its people. They are really tight knit, caring, and very loving. I think the wonderful part of enduring this tragedy is that we’ve seen the care and love come out of people like I’ve never experienced in my life.

Heather Myers: In fact, Susan says she’s been receiving numerous calls and letters from people who are glad to see that hope is here.

Susan Homesley: People have called and left messages on my answering machine at night. One woman called crying the very first night and said, “You don’t know me, I don’t know you, but thank you.”

Heather Myers: Susan will hopefully be back in a new home here within a year. She says the star is just a sign that fire can destroy homes, but it can’t burn out spirits.

Susan Homesley: We’re down, but we’re not out.

This star will continue to burn bright each night through New Years Day. Reporting from Ramona, I’m Heather Myers, Fox 6 News.

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