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Take a Tour of a Custom Home Under Construction

Phase II of a Custom Home Under Construction

Hey everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m at this new custom home under construction in Ramona, California. You can see behind me that we’ve made a ton of progress. The siding is 100% done, and we’ve been entering a phase I like to call phase two. 


This is a fascinating time for our clients and us as we progress outside and inside the new home. So I want to take you through the house, show you what’s going on there, and update you on the sequence of this build. So let’s head in and take a look.

Custom Home Floor Plan Tour

All right, so you’ll get a tour of the floor plan of a house under construction. I know we’ve been talking about it for a while here, but as I walk in, you can see this great room that doubles as the kitchen and dining area. 


We got the fireplace to the left, and it will all be a natural stone, with some stain-grade hutches on each side.


So back over here to the right is a kitchen. We got an island going in here and a combination of paint-grade and stain-grade cabinets. All the appliances are panel-ready, so they will match the cabinets, making them look realistic, seamless, and high quality. 


Now, you can see the front door where I just came from. This is a 3068-sized door. We have sidelights on each side and a transom up at eight feet, so it’s a perfect grand entry.

Dealing With a Finished Opening

One of the things I want to talk about is the room off to the left of the entry when you come in. So this is what we always call a den or an office, and this is a finished opening. This house is a three bedroom, two and a half bath, so this den would make it a fourth bedroom if this wall were closed in. 

However, if you are to close that wall up and that becomes a bedroom, you have to increase your septic system size, all the school fees, and other permit fees because of that. So by removing at minimum 50% of one of the walls, it is not considered a bedroom. It can be used for various things — an office, a playroom for the kids; you name it.

What we do in the rough is that we have this opening framed for French doors to go in. We’re planning to have a set of side-to-side and also top and bottom, but we account for the drywall, so the drywall doesn’t have to be removed. So we frame it three and a quarter because we got five-eighths drywall there. If those doors ever go in later, there’s no cutting and chipping drywall. So the workers can go right in and don’t have to mess with any of that. So it’s a bit forethought if that’s ever in our client’s mind.

Preparing the Great Room

In the great room, we also prepped for some open beam ceilings that might go in the future. So you can’t see it now, but there potentially can be a large eight-by-eight ridge beam that goes in the ceiling and rafters that are approximately three and a half feet on the center that can go down on each side of that ridge beam and anywhere this place is vaulted. So they would go above where the reefer and freezer will go and through the entry above that front door in this living space off to the right when you enter the front door.

Checking the Rest of the House


We have cabinets scheduled to go in a few days. So what is happening at this point in the build? The painter has finished priming all the walls and putting the final coat on the ceiling. Tomorrow, the workers will be back to cut in all the transitions where the wall meets the ceiling.

Why the Second Half of Construction is Exciting


So this is a really exciting time for our clients and us because this is phase two — the second half of our build. Everything up until this point is all rough in. The walls were open; wires, pipes, insulation, and framing could be seen. So it’s hard to visualize the different spaces everyone’s been designing for months and sometimes years. When this phase happens, when the drywall goes on, you can walk through the home, feel what the space will be like, and start envisioning it. And I always tell our clients that now’s the exciting part for them because all the jewelry starts going on — all the tile they’ve picked out, the fixtures, the different flooring, the cabinets, etc.

Checking the Main Bathroom

This is the master bedroom we just walked into. In the main bathroom, we will have a barrier-free shower. We did an earlier video of the freestanding tub filler in this home; you can see it’s still in the rough-in stages. So that’s where the tub will go.


The master vanity will go on one corner of the bathroom. Depending on what the client wants to do for the shower and the look they’re going for, this either gets drywalled. In this case, we didn’t drywall it yet to get a cleaner, sleeker look. The workers will waterproof up against the studs, so the waterproofing will be flush with the drywall. So all you have is the thickness of the tile against the walls, so it looks better.

Wrapping Up


I hope you enjoyed the little tour and update on what’s happening inside this home. If you’d like more information on how to have a custom home built on your land, an ADU, or whole-house remodels, you can contact us or check out our resources. We’ll see you again next time.



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