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Sewer Fees for an Accessory Dwelling Unit | San Diego County

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Sewer Fees

So if you’re getting ready to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or an ADU, and if you are on a city sewer with your primary dwelling, so meaning you do not have a septic system. This is one of the best scenarios as far as being able to do this cost-effective, and get your plumbing tied in, your sewer lines tied in to the city sewer. 

Tying into the City Sewer System

So if you have a septic system, you’re actually, a lot of times gonna have to modify your existing system on the main house, or add a completely new system. But with sewer, you can do this very, very cost-effective. So we can find the main trunk line, if it comes out the back of the house at a clean out. If we have a fall, we can get to that area, and tie in there. Or we can pump to that area, or we can find the main trunk line outside the house, the plumbing that comes out of the house and ties into the sewer, and we can intercept that line, and actually tie in and you’ve got, you’re tied into the city sewer. 

Hidden Costs for Sewer Fees

Now, one thing that’s kind of a hidden cost that is not talked about a lot, is typically with your sewer right now, the service that you’re getting for your primary residence, you are going to be paying, either on your tax bill, they’re gonna be billing you bi-annually to get, to pay for that fee. Maybe it’s $1000 a year to have the sewer tie-in. Or you may be getting billed from the water district or your sewer district on a monthly basis, or a semi-annual basis. And that could be $1000, $800, different for different districts.

Calculating Additionals Costs for Your Accessory Dwelling Unit

But what’s gonna happen when you get that Accessory Dwelling Unit, an ADU permit in, is they’re gonna basically double the fee. So you’ll be paying an additional sewer fee that’s gonna go to that district every year. So make sure that you calculate that into the cost of that ADU. A lot of people are renting these ADUs out, the Accessory Dwelling Unit’s getting rented out, and they forget that that actual fee is gonna be a monthly occurring fee that you’ll have to pay. So count that in and figure out what that is. 

ADU Sewer Fees

Call your, your sewer district, find out what they’ll be charging. And then just verify that there’s no additional fees that may be going in. So every district’s a little different, and there’s a lot of them. So it’s important that you check it out. So, all right, hope that helps figure’ out a little bit of the sewer cost, additional costs when you’re doin’ an ADU. So, okay, have a great rest of your day, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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