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San Diego Custom Home Rebuild | Underground Plumbing

Home Remodel & Rebuild in Bay Park, San Diego

Good morning, good evening. Good afternoon everyone. This is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction thought I’d cover all my bases depending on when you ended up watching this video. I just wanna do a little bit of a job update on this new project that we started down in Bay Park in San Diego.

Creating Entry-Exit Points for Construction Site

So, today we passed our first inspection, which was underground plumbing inspection. I’ll show you a little bit about what’s going on in there just a minute as we kinda walk-through. So currently all of the forms, most of the forms for the concrete slab are set up. There’s a couple that are not. Right here, where I’m standing is the intro to the garage. We have to be able to get in and out of the building with our equipment and into the backyard where a lot of the dirt is, to do some grading. So we leave those down and fill in the footing, so we can have an entry-exit point. It’s real tight down here in the city. So you have to give a lot of forethought to where all that’s gonna go into versus when we do a job with some space around us it’s not as big of a deal, but anyway let’s go on in here in the building I wanna just show you what’s going on with all the plumbing.

Underground Plumbing Inspection

As mentioned today, we had our underground plumbing inspection. So basically what that is, the inspector comes and they look at the sizing of the plumbing, make sure all of the correct fittings are in there depending on what is being plumbed and check for any leaks. So the whole system gets filled with water. What we do is we put in a plug  where it exits the building and plugs into the sewer and we plug it there and see at the far side and then there’s that long black pipe that stacks in the air so that gets filled all the way with water. All of these risers get a cap on them. So, all the head pressure of that water is pushing down and filling the rest of the system. You can see if you’ve got a leak really quick, so that it’s inspected, correct fall, all of that for the plumbing. What happens next is the plumbing will get wrapped with a foam wrap anywhere where it’s gonna be touching concrete and then anywhere where it’s not, it gets back-filled.

Grading the Concrete Slab & Installing Footings 

This just got back-filled here and ready to drive across it pretty soon, so it gets back filled with just the dirt that came out of it. After this step, we move into doing the grading for the slab. We put down a 10 mil thick plastic as a moisture barrier. So no moisture gets up through the slab and then we do sand on top of that and then it gets graded out with the laser, so it’s flat everywhere. And then all the steel mat goes in after that, prior to that all of the steel and the footings will get laid in and tied. This is a two-story house, the footings, as well as the steel it is beefed up compared to a single story. So they’re gonna go up two stories off here to the West, you can’t see it now, but eventually, in the coming videos, you’ll be able to see Mission Bay. So they’ll have a beautiful view from this spot. We’re about a week out from getting all the steel tied and then having the foundation poured. So that will more than likely be our next video. Thanks for watching and we will keep you updated, have a wonderful day.

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