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New Julian Custom Home

Building a New Custom Home in Julian, CA

Good morning it’s Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. We’re up here on a beautiful morning, Monday morning in Julian, we’re just gettin’ ready to start a new job. I had to come up this morning to lay out for the demolition that we’re doing. This home burned in the Witch Fire and now we just got our permit pulled and have been waitin’ for the rain to quit for the last three weeks so we can get started. We will be demoing all these steps, all the existing foundation here and crushing it all up and then disposing of it and then we will be grading the pad and laying, gettin’ that all laid out and then we’re putting up a vacation home for some people. 

Septic System

I’ll climb up here. It’s a little bit of a hike up. I had to shoe-in the elevations this morning to make sure that the height is gonna work out just right so our septic system will still function properly. As you can see we’ve located the septic system over here and we previously laid out the leach lines at the beginning of the permit process several months ago. So now we will be able to get this elevation of the pad in at the right height to accommodate the new home that we’re doing. This will be a totally off-the-grid system. I’m gettin’ my workout this morning hiking up these hills. So it’ll be solar with batteries and a generator back-up system. As you can see it was a two story. There’s an existing, an old septic tank right here that will get completely tore out and that one that I just showed you down over there is a new one that was put in. That building over there is what houses the generator now and it ran on a propane tank right here which will be replaced. 

Fire Proofing

Obviously this went through the fire and would not be safe to use again. Right now I’m pumping the water out of the pool. The pool’s gonna get filled completely back in. I’ll walk over that way. This will be a two-story home. It’s gonna have some very unique construction for this area which it’s gonna be a super insulated home, it’s gonna be insulated concrete forms with spray-foam insulation. We’re gonna be using a special sheeting on the outside that will have a air barrier built into it and then we’re also gonna be doing, for fire on the exterior, we will be doing a DensGlass to help for any future fires so this thing can make it through the fire again. And then the roof will be a, have four inches of Rockwool which is very good as far as fireproofing. You can actually put a torch on that and you can’t burn it and then the whole exterior of it will be a corrugated metal. 

Custom Home Scenery

So it’s gonna be a really beautiful home and as you can see the views never quit here. It’s gonna have an ocean view, it’s a little bit hazy down at the ocean this morning, but we’re on the backside of North Peak looking to the west just absolutely beautiful place up here. So we’re lookin’ forward to gettin’ this started and we’ll keep you guys up to speed on all these new systems that we’re gonna be using here that we don’t typically use here in San Diego, but up here in the mountains where it gets a lot colder this’ll be a super passive house that will need very little energy to run. Have a great day.

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