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Electrical Box Layout for a Kitchen Backsplash

Electrical Box Layout Changed in a Custom Home's Kitchen Backsplash

Hey everybody. Today I want to show you something in the kitchen of a custom home we’re building in Ramona, California. It’s essential to plan it out before you start the project. Specifically, I want to show you an issue that occurred when the electrical box layout changed and how you can avoid spending more on kitchen backsplashes. So let’s get started.

Electrical Outlets in a Kitchen Backsplash

We will look at the layout of these electrical outlets or electrical boxes on the wall concerning the kitchen backsplash.

So what you have here is you have a rough top, which is on top of the cabinet, which is 5/8ths. So then you’ll have a countertop, which will be about three-quarters of an inch off this. On top of that, you’ll have a six-inch backsplash, which is how this was laid out.

Six-Inch Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash would be up somewhere in here, plus three-quarters of the height of your kitchen countertop. That would give you enough space to have your trim come down on this three-gang electrical switch outlet cover. So that would come down about here, and you’d be okay because this backsplash should be running all the way across.

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Full-Height Backsplash

This kitchen will get a full-height backsplash. It will run from the top of the countertop to the bottom of the cabinet. That’ll run down the full height here, where you can see behind the stove.

What's the Layout Issue?

The issue is that when you switch from a six-inch backsplash, these electrical outlets should be above the splash. So when you go full height, you can see right here if I line this up at the edge of the countertop. 

The Edge Detail Problem

This is where it’ll have the edge detail. It will come up right here, and that cover plate will barely be missing. It will hang out on the drywall past the backsplash — we don’t want that to happen. 

We will move the electrical box all the way over to the left so we can get it in the splash. So the edge of the splash will run up, and then this will move over. Then the plate will fit nicely on top of the backsplash.

When to Address the Issue

You want to address the problem once the framing is done and before the electrical rough-in happens. 

We typically have a walkthrough with the electrician and the interior designer. They will come in and lay all this out. So we’ll say, “Hey, we’ll need a six-inch backsplash here. We’re going to have a full-height splash.” And then that would affect where the electrical box goes.

Planning the Electrical Box Layout Ahead

So if we have a full-height splash, we have to get this box either out of here so it’s outside on the drywall or inside of the splash so we can make sure that we don’t have an issue here where it’s hitting. You want to make sure that this is addressed as early on as you can. 

It will save you money by not having to make changes like this where you will have to move things later. So it’s easier to get them done during that electrical box-in phase.

So make sure you know your selection or design on those backsplashes. It will help you get things planned out and spaced out correctly. 

Wrapping Up

I hope you learned something new about planning for the kitchen backsplash. 

If you’d like more information about building a custom home, building an ADU, or doing a whole-house remodeling project, make sure you visit our website at freemansconstruction.com. Go to our resources page, too — we got a ton of information on pricing a floor plan. 

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again soon.



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