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DEMO DAY | Tearing Down a House & Milk Barn

Demoing a House and Milk Barn

Hey, today is demo day one! We’re tearing down an old milk barn and house in Nampa, Idaho. So, we have a mini excavator, JCB skid steer, Volvo mini X, and a dump truck with a gooseneck trailer to remove the debris from the property.

The Milk Barn

The milk barn we’re tearing down is about 70 feet long and 20 to 24 feet wide, and it has concrete all the way up; the stem walls are three to five feet. The ceiling is lower, but it has a lot of attic space. So we’ll tear down all the debris and place that in the side dump first.

The House

The farmhouse on the other side of the milk barn will also be coming down. I had the fire department out at the house to vent the roof and do some training. So the house was lived in and destroyed inside, so we’re demoing it to get rid of it.

We have some windows and old walls in the basement that are falling apart. So we’re going to end up folding all these walls in, breaking them, and pulling them out.

Backfilling the Basement

The basement is 30 feet towards the rear of the house; we’re most likely seeing the original house and added the front. So what we’re going to have to do is backfill the basement. So there will be a lot of dirt coming, about 125 yards.

Plan for the Basement

We’re going to cut the line that goes to the old septic system outside before we start tearing the basement walls out. We’ve already disconnected all the utilities. So the plan is to backfill this once all this concrete’s gone. We’ll take this wall that you can see out, and then we’re going to dig a little ramp out, and then we’ll be able to come down with the skid steer and start building this back up with all the dirt on the property. So that’s what the plan is down in the basement.

Getting a Demo Permit at the Canyon County Building Department

We had to get a demo permit for this, so we pulled the permit in 15 minutes at the Canyon County Building Department for $80. So we had to get one for each structure; we drew a site map to show the structures we’re removing, such as where they’re at and what’s being removed. That way, we could get the assessor to remove them from the assessment that they have each year, so it’ll lower the taxes on this property for the owner.


So, that’s the update on what’s happening at the Nampa property. We still have a couple of loads of debris to remove and break out the concrete on the sides. Some of the concrete is thick; some is four inches up to as much as a foot thick. So we have a Cat excavator and a breaker tomorrow. We’re going to hammer and break all the concrete up. So that is the end of demo day one, and we’ll keep you posted on this demo project.

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