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Demo Day 6: Finishing the Basement Demo & Trucking Out Debris

Nampa, Idaho Demo Project

Today is demo day six at this project in Nampa, Idaho; tearing down the house, and we’re working on the basement, so we’ll give you an update on what’s happening.

See Demo Day 5 HERE.

Cleaning Out the Demoed Basement

Brad is in the excavator cleaning out the basement. We’re trucking out our last loads of debris; he’s dug through the concrete in the bottom of the basement. We have the site dump running today, and we got one more load of trash, and we’re going to be done with all the house debris. Then we’ll break out the rest of the walls. We’re going to pop those out, make a pile over, and then we’re going to take this over to Knife River and dump those, get rid of them there. So they recycle material for the concrete; it’s much cheaper to get rid of.

Demo Day 6 Project Update

Today will be our last day having the big machine; once it’s off the job site, we’ll start moving dirt around. So, we will use that to load our side dump. So we got to get that thing running still; it ended up having a pump go out on us. 

We’re filling in some low spots. We’ll use that machine to load in that side dump and move the dirt faster over on that side to get it out of here. So We’re going to get a water trailer that we can use to throw some water on the dirt and help with the compaction of the soil. 

We also found the water line about four feet in the ground; we turned it up so the owner could find it later.

The Next Steps

So the next step is we’re going to dig back to the edge of the basement. Then, we’ll make a ramp and start backfilling with dirt which Brad is beginning to do. So he will get the skid steer down into the basement to get the bottom flattened for compaction tomorrow; it will also be graded. We’ll also do a little trash pickup to start building the berm. So we’ll get you an update on that next time for demo day 7!

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