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Demo Day 5: Demoing a Basement & Backfilling

Nampa, Idaho Demolition Project

Today is demo day five on the demolition project where we’re tearing out an old house, milk barn, and a bunch of concrete in Nampa, Idaho. So I want to update you on what we’re doing today: tearing out a basement and backfilling. 

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Battery Operated Fuel Tank for the Excavator

The excavator needs to be refueled, so what we’ve got set up is a truck with a battery-operated fuel tank. So we hook the excavator up to our battery, and a cord comes off and runs back to the truck, which powers up the pump; this is how we’re getting fuel over to the excavator.

The CAT App

The app that CAT has shows you the level of the gauge on your fuel and the number of hours. The information is logged into your app, and you see what equipment you rented, where your fuel levels are, and how many hours you run your equipment. So this is a hundred-gallon tank, and you put diesel in here, about $6 per gallon. 

So we’re out, I just got done emptying this, and we’re going to go ahead and load this on the back of a truck real quick and run over and get some more fuel instead of having to move this trailer.

Moving Dirt Around to Be Able to Fill the Holes and Backfill the Basement

We’re moving some dirt around and trying to fill some of these holes. We’ll use some dirt to backfill the basement and make a berm with anything extra we don’t use. So we do not have to import any dirt, which works well.

Trucking Debris to the Landfill

Also, we got into the landfill today, which has helped us greatly because we have changed our plans. We were going to backfill and get everything out of the way, but now we can get all the debris out as we hoped. And that’s getting trucked to the landfill. As for pulling this concrete out of the basement, Shamus is in there ripping it up right now.

Wrapping Up Demo Day 5

We’re at the end of day five, and we still have a little bit of the basement left to be demoed. There’s not much; many walls have already been pulled out. So, on Monday, the plan is to get the rest of this house debris out. It’s mixed up with a little bit of brick. We’re going to pull all that, and then we’re going to get it all loaded into the trucks, take it to the landfill, and then we’re going to collapse the concrete, and then pull that out and truck that out. So we’re going to get a water trailer to get some water to compact it; currently, we don’t have any water on the property. Then we’ll grade out some of the dips and valleys in the ground that got left from the concrete pulled out.

The Real Property Show

Thanks for watching today! If you’d like more videos like this, view “The Real Property Show.” Have a great rest of your day.



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