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Demo Day 4: Trucking Out Concrete & Demo Debris

Crushing Up the Demolition Debris for Heavier Dump Loads

Today is day four of our demo project in Nampa. The excavator is starting to load up the old house; it’s all crumpled up. So he’s pressing everything up again and then throwing it at the end dump. So we’ve got our side dump working on the concrete and the end dump on the house. These loads were coming in light initially. So we’ll get quite a bit more in them by crushing everything up and then pushing them down.

The Basement of the House

The next thing we’ll do is start pulling the rest of the basement floor off. So I was out here with the owner, and we were looking at the basement, and you can see the old set of stairs in the front of the home. It was going down to the basement, and it looks like maybe during one of the additions, they completely blocked it off, the set of stairs, and there was no access, which was weird. So you can see where the concrete was poured, right where the head of the stairs was, coming out of the ground. So interesting to see what had changed over the years.

Sorting the Demolition Debris

We have the skid steer to sort some of the debris that can’t go in with the clean concrete and get it over to the house. So Brad’s moving that around, and we’re in between trucks now. So when they get back, we’ll start loading the house again, and then we have another dump truck coming out.

Hauling the Concrete Off of the Property

So we’re at the end of day four on this demo project in Nampa, and there used to be a ton of concrete. We trucked out 15 loads of concrete today, so we got a bunch of it out of here. It’s almost all gone. We have about another load, and then we’ll have to do the house’s basement. But it’s mostly gone. Three loads came out of the house with house debris, but then we got so much rain today that we couldn’t continue to go to the landfill.

Demo Day 4 Rain Delays

So the basement got completely opened up today; the floor came off. And then, we hauled off three loads of debris, and then the rest of it’s stacked around the backside. So tomorrow, we’re hoping that the landfill will open back up. It was so muddy today that we had to stop running trucks, so we could only get three loads out of here.

The Plan for Demo Day 5

So the plan will be to actually check out the landfill tomorrow when we do a concrete run out that direction, make sure it’s looking good, and then we’ll get some trucks running that way with this debris. And then, we will start breaking down the basement walls once all the debris is out.

Putting Up Caution Tape for Safety Purposes

We put up caution tape around the perimeter of the open basement, so hopefully, nobody runs and falls into it overnight while we’re gone.

The Real Property Show

Thanks for watching today! We’ll be shooting some videos for demo day five tomorrow, so we’ll update you on that. So if you’d like to see more videos like this, view “The Real Property Show.” Have a great rest of your day.



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