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Demo Day 3: Demoing & Crunching the House

Crunching the House for Fewer Loads & Trucking it to the Dump

Hey, we’re on demo day three for the house in Nampa, Idaho. We’re getting a little slow start this morning because of the snow that’s coming down, but we’re going to go ahead and start crunching up the house today. So we’re going to crunch this up so we can get it into the side dump a lot tighter and get heavier loads. We’ve already crushed it a little bit, but those pieces are much smaller than what still needs to be crushed up. So that’ll allow us to get fewer loads going to the dump.

Project Update for Demo Day 3

We’re wrapping up here on day three, a slower day. We had a truck breakdown, so we’re only able to truck with this one-side dump. That slowed things down. But we got the floor torn out; you can see the basement below. So that floor got piled up. So we got about six loads with the side dump on this house today; five or six came out of here, plus a load of concrete.

The Plan for Demo Day 4

So this is what we got tomorrow. We’ll be taking off the side, all the stuff off the other side of the house, and then you can see the floor; it’s a subfloor. There’s no basement underneath the home. You can see the chimney that fell down the other side. So this is all going to go away tomorrow. And then once we get all the debris out of here, we will start breaking in the basement walls, and then we’ll pull that out, throw that clean concrete in those trucks, and then haul that off to a different location so that won’t go to the landfill. 

So this excavator will be loading, and we have more trucks from the marsh. So we’ll have three trucks tomorrow, and we’ll be loading up and getting everything out of here.

Masonry Fireplace

The masonry fireplace collapsed; I’ll show you the rest of all the concrete that’s here. We’re moving a little bit of dirt today to get it staged to go inside the basement for backfill. And then we got a water trailer, a five hundred gallon water tank on a trailer that will help us compact that. So we have quite a bit of concrete, probably ten loads or more, and it goes down to the silo.

The Real Property Show

Thanks for watching. We’ll get you updates on day four of our demo here. And if you’d like more videos like this, view “The Real Property Show.” Have a great rest of your day.



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