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All costs updated as of 5/7/2021


What Does it Cost to Build Your Custom Home?

So what does it cost to actually build your home? We break it into three categories:

  1. Living Space
  2. Garage 
  3. Covered Porch

These areas all cost different prices per square foot, to build. So when you break it into three different parts, we find it’s the most accurate way to actually figure the rough cost to build your home.

Average Costs Per Square Foot to Build

Living Area

The average cost for the living area is anywhere from $185 per square foot to $300 per square foot. Your $185 per square foot range is going to be more of an average level of finish. When you get up to the $300 per square foot range, it will be more of your luxury upgraded finishes and it can go much higher than that, but somewhere in that range is where we’re finding the costs are landing for homes being built now.


Finished garage spaces that have drywall, electrical, and baseboards are costing between $65 per square foot to $85 per square foot to build.

Covered Porch 

Covered Porches run between $90 to $125 per square foot to build. The price per square foot will depend on if the covered porch has any exposed beams, tails, or tongue and grooves on the ceiling outside.

Choosing Finishes & How They Affect Your Build Costs

What we recommend for all of our customers that we work with, is that they take a look at homes we have previously built and the level of finishes in them. We do this so that you can decide on what level of finishes you will want in your home. Once you decide on the level of finishes we can then go back to our build costs for the home you liked and see what the price per square foot was. We will then use that price per square foot to figure the costs for the home you want to build.

By doing this we will get an accurate rough number that will give us a very good idea of what we can build so that you can stay within your budget. Once we do this we can start the design process and get things moving with your plans and get your home built.

Working with a Design-Build Contractor


Design-Build Contractors like Freeman’s Construction Inc. are building projects everyday. This makes it possible to accurately figure all of the costs for the project including plans, permits, site costs and build costs on the front end before starting the design process. It is very important to establish the budget for every aspect of the project. The best way to do that is working with a design-build contractor before you start any step of the process.

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