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Bay Park, San Diego | Whole House Remodel

Remodeling a Home in Bay Park, San Diego

Hey, Brian Freeman, Freemans Construction. Hey, I wanted to show you a new project we’re getting ready to start down here in the Bay Park area of San Diego. This home is about 864 square feet, we’re getting ready to tear it down completely and put a new house up here. So the new house will be about 1748 feet. It is gonna have a nice deck on, it’s gonna look out you’ll see the ocean out there. So, let me give you a quick walk around, and this thing’s going to get torn down in about, it takes about two three days for demo-crew to take it down and then we’ll be able to start with the new foundation and start putting up the new house. 

Home in Bay Park, San Diego

So let me take you around the outside here. All right, so we’re standing out front and this is a little house it was built in the 40s. Single story little house, this actually used to be a garage on this side here that they converted into a little bit of living area just to make the house a little bit bigger. The house is actually in really good shape, its just not what the owners are wanting. So we’re designing a house, that’s gonna work for ’em and we’re gonna put it up here it should take about five, six months to finish up.

Remodeling Bay Park Home

This house is currently on a crawl space we’re gonna put it on a slab on grade. So here’s an old fireplace, that’s a fireplace is gonna get torn down as well. They’re not wanting this. We can look back here at the back. We have a temporary power, see the power is on the back of the house here. We’re going to set a temporary power pole and then SDGE actually coming out here and disconnect this service and then tie it on to a new power pole for our temp-pole so we have power during the actual build. We are having the same thing with the gas meter gas meters got to get disconnected. And then we’re going to do a, we call a Dig Alert. Dig Alert actually marks out the utilities. So we’re able to know, make sure we don’t hit anything when we’re moving, doing the demolition and moving things around. So, this is the back of that carport that’s gonna get torn off on this side over here. And you can see how this power line, it drops over the garage and goes back there. We actually built this garage about nine or 10 years ago.

Coming Up for Bay Park, San Diego Whole House Remodel

All right, well, that was a quick tour around the house. Thanks for watching and I will take a shot of this when we start demoing this should be about a week or so out from here and the house, when we’re tearing down with the excavators we take some video And post that, so you can see how that’s going. So, all right, have a great day, thank you again.

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